What CWC Club Offers

  • Bible Studies

    Most of our Bible studies are independent, self-directed, and self-paced. We offer them in this format for better flexibility. They include videos and a workbook to help reinforce your learning.

  • Courses

    Coming Soon! Relationships, Parenting, Money Management, & Health topics.

  • Community

    We provide a community for those working through various Bible studies and courses. We have a general chat & questions section to be able to discuss what we're learning. We also offer separate areas for announcements, introductions, prayer requests, and free Good Morning Girls & Love God Greatly Bible studies.

CWC Club Facilitator

Chief Inspiration Officer Alicia Bowyer

As you can probably already tell, I love Jesus! I wanted to take the knowledge I gained from over 40 years on my Christian walk and help others. The idea for CWC Club was born out of running a free online Bible study that focuses on reading through the Bible. I still run that free Bible study, and I find the women in the Bible study enjoy it, but they are also looking for more focused topics to help them learn more about Jesus and improve in various aspects of their spiritual walk. But why stop at Bible studies? I plan to add courses on relationships, parenting, money management, and health topics. I'm looking forward to what CWC Club will grow into in the future and am glad you are here with me on the journey. Grace and peace, Alicia